Managing Director’s Review 2021

We’re right here, our eyes on what’s next

Despite the pandemic, 2021 was a strong year in many ways for Turku Energia. We successfully carried out our business activities, our security of supply was excellent, and our pricing was competitive. Add local and emission-free energy production, and we have the most satisfied customers in Finland.

The year 2021 was a successful one in business and sales, and we achieved a good result. Turku Energia Group's operating profit and turnover increased in comparison to the previous year. The results were influenced by, for instance, the exceptionally cold year and the economic upswing, which increased electricity consumption and heat sales.

The pandemic still characterised the year, but it had little impact on our operations. Turku Energia is responsible for the electricity and district heating of more than 200,000 residents in the Turku region. As an energy company, we have the responsibility for socially critical functions. One of our key tasks is to ensure security of supply – to prepare for various crises and disruptions. This means that we also have the capacity to work effectively in the event of a pandemic or in the current precarious world situation. As in the previous year, we continued to implement strict COVID-19 restrictions and were able to avoid many transmission chains. Our office personnel mainly worked remotely. This year, we have moved to new, modern premises in Itäharju, Turku, where we will continue multi-location and hybrid work.

Towards carbon neutrality

Sustainability is one of the cornerstones of our strategy. Our goal is carbon-neutral energy production and we have been moving towards it with determination for a long time. For twenty years now, we have invested in renewable energy production. In 2021, 75 per cent of our district heating was produced from renewable energy sources. The percentage decreased slightly from the previous year, as the cold winter forced us to use more fossil fuels than anticipated. However, our aim is to abandon the use of coal in basic heat production this year. Our energy production will be fully carbon neutral in 2029.

The most satisfied customers in Finland

One of the most magnificent achievements of the year was that our customers rated us as the industry's number one in customer satisfaction. In a survey conducted by Epsi Rating, Turku Energia's electricity sales consumer customers ranked above average in all measured areas and ranked first in the overall assessment. In the nationwide customer satisfaction survey for district heating, Turku Energia reached second place. Turku Energia was the best in the index measuring sustainable development. We can see our renewable energy production and its impact on our environment are truly valued by our customers.

Top customer satisfaction does not happen by itself. The result has required a huge amount of work in which every employee in the Group has an important role to play. In their work, Turku Energia employees are big-hearted. Our customer service works, our equipment, machines, devices and networks work, and we continuously improve our services and working methods. The result is a company with secure supply and maintenance that produces energy and electricity at zero-emission and locally competitive prices.

I would like to warmly thank our staff, our customers and all our stakeholders. Our eyes will be on what’s next, but also on our customers and the well-being of the entire Turku region.

Timo Honkanen
Managing Director